To have a successful business, you’ll need more than just an office! CEOs is not just a landlord or property manager collecting your rent check, we want your business to succeed! CEOs offers you an array of creative services to help you with your business. Whether you’re at launch or already rolling, marketing your business is imperative for success.

Design Services*
• Branding: You’re company logo, your colors, your catch-phrase... all the things you’ll want to have people recognize you right away when they see your marketing stuff!
• Graphic Design: Incorporate your branding and have all your marketing collateral have a professional design continuity.
• Web Design & Presence: Do you need a website or refresh your current site? Let us help you. We can help you with anything from simply setting up your email accounts to a full website with shopping cart.
• Email SetUp: Wouldn’t you rather promote your own business rather than promoting Hotmail or Yahoo?
• Search Engine Optimization: Now that you’re on the web, let’s help you get found!


Once your marketing stuff is professionally designed by us or you have designed it yourself, you’ll want to take it to print. Allow us to make this happen for you! We represent a variety of production facilities to help you get great prices, great quality, and custom solutions.

Social Media
We’ll help you get set up on powerful Social Media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. And once you’re set up there, we can help you keep up your tweets and posts.

Consulting & Brainstorming
No need to be all alone with your challenges! Bounce your ideas off of us, our marketing experts can advise you on marketing strategy and implementation.

Administrative Services*
Need help with paper work or outbound phone calls, we can help on an as-needed basis.

Mailing Services*
More than just simply receiving or setting your mail out for pick up. We can help you with acquiring targeted mailing lists, handle the addressing, sorting, bagging, tagging and get you the best Bulk Postage Rates to send out your literature

PlayCare/Kidz Lounge*
No longer do you have to find a Nanny to watch your kids just so you can meet a client at the office or get some work done. CEOs offers a fun and interactive creative room for your little ones while you are in the office with your clients. Supervised and non-supervised services available.

A/V Team*
Whether you are putting on a presentation and want it documented or want to shoot a commercial, our Audio/Visual Team can make you look great! Need a photographer, projector, or other electronics, let us know!

Make your event a hit! Karaoke, DJ, Live entertainment and more are available.

Theme Decor*
Do want to have a Luau meeting or Vegas-theme conference? Why not?!

Hold an event at CEOs and let us to help you with anything from Coffee Service to Buffets to Table Service. We also have a full kitchen with microwave, stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and even the kitchen sink! Or, provide your own catering if you wish.

CEOs offers various sized storage lockers. Anything from storing your simple supplies, and papers, to filing cabinets and equipment sized lockers are available.

“Name Always On” at Front Entrance
The business names on the Directory Marquee at the front entrance will change daily to reflect the current office reservations. Sometimes your name will be there and sometimes it will not. However, if you want a full-time presence on the Directory, we have a few positions available just for that!

Advisory Group & Special Committees

Imagine something like a Home Owners’ Association for the Office. If you would like to participate in the planning and running of the Office, join the Advisory Group and earn free CEOs credits. Or, simply attend an Advisory Group Meeting and provide your input during the Open Session. We will hope everyone will become involved, because, of course, it’s your office! We will be looking for help on various Committees too! For example, we might have a Holiday Party Committee that you can be on and help with planning of the Holiday Party.

Phone & Answering Service Options*
• Your Own Phone Number & Phone Line with Voicemail and forwarding services
• Live Answering of your calls when you are not available.

Fax and Copy Services
if you need help sending or receiving faxes or making copies.

Mail Service Options
• We will accept mail for you. And you can use the office mailing address as your own.

Seminar Marketing Package
• We’ll design and print your flyers, create a registration web page for your event, and develop strategies to help you increase your attendance.


• Office Suites: each office comes with a desk, a computer, and a few chairs. Each office is roughly 10x10
• Conference Rooms: each conference room can be set up as desired with either conference table(s) or presentation style with lots of chairs. Conference rooms are roughly 10x20
• Expo Auditorium: the Expo Auditorium can be used for a variety of purposes from PhotoStudio to Banquet Hall and can accommodate about 100 guests.
• Full-Time Space: If you need an office to call your own all the time, a few are available for Full-Time use. You’ll have a key and 24 hour access.

Don’t see it here? Ask us!
We refer opportunities to many of our CEOs members.
So what or who you seek may be sitting in the office right next to you!

*(Additional charges do apply for the above.)