VISIONPULSE CEOs POLICIES (as of 08/02/13)      print
The opportunity to be a member of the VisionPulse Creative Network and enjoy use of the Creative Executive Office Suites (CEOs) is a privilege and not a right. Please help make your participation and the participation of other members as enjoyable, professional and productive as possible by abiding to the following Policies. These Policies may be amended at any time without notice.
Thank You!

To make an Office Space Reservation, you may either visit and select “Reserve Office Time” and simply follow the instructions. Alternatively, you can call 858.720-8286 and we will log your reservation for you. (Don’t make calling a habit or we may have to charge you an Admin fee!). You will need to provide the following information: date; time of arrival; anticipated length of stay; select office suite or conference room; and request any special set-up or accommodations you require.

No Shows
If a VisionPulse CEO Member in good standing reserves a period of Office Time, the amount of time reserved will be debited from the Members CEO Card even if the Member does not use the office space during the time reserved. Where cancellation of reservation is necessary by the Member, the Member will provide VisionPulse with Cancellation Notification at least 24 hours prior to the pre-reserved Office Time (48 for AfterHours) otherwise the member’s CEO Card will be debited for the amount of time the reservation covered.

Regular Hours
Monday thru Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm. The office and facilities are available during these times with RSVP only. Drop-ins may find the office closed for lunch or errands. Best to call ahead. The Office may be closed on most major holidays.

After Hours Usage
Use of the office after hours (any time other than stated Regular Hours) is available upon Special Request. Not all Special Requests may be able to be accommodated so please plan accordingly. Usage after hours will be at 2x the regular rate of office usage.

Sign In/Out Logs & Reconciliation
You are asked to SignOut either in your personal folder or on a Community Log Sheet. You may track your own usage on your CEOs Cards. Periodically, your account will be reconciled and any variances shared with you.

Have fun yet remember that this is a professional place of business and you are not likely to be the only one in the office. Here’s a few tips: watch your volume and your language; children must be supervised and cleaned up after; leave your work space clean and tidy after use; don’t leave anything on the computer that you may be concerned if viewed or deleted; no smoking (of anything) in the office or within 30 feet of the main entrance; no drugs; please simply use common sense and be considerate of others.

Appearance and Hygiene
• Acceptable Clothing - this is a professional place of business that caters to creative individuals. Therefore, acceptable clothing/appearance is left to personal discretion. Please understand that if anyone is wearing something inappropriate or completely unacceptable to others or management, they may be asked to change or leave.
• Unusual Smells – please make a visit to the office a pleasant experience for others.

Please be respectful of others. Lower the seat when done. Take careful aim. Clean up after yourself. Spray air freshener when necessary. Please place feminine products in trash and not the toilet. Let us know if supplies are low or out.

Types of Allowable Businesses & Usage
We invite any type of legally recognized business type to become a member and participate. However, if a business is considered to be harmful or disturbing to other members, that business may not be invited to join and/or membership cancelled. VisionPulse reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone or business.

We invite any type of legally recognized business type to become a member. Subscription and Dues must be current to be eligible for the benefits of membership.

Services, Supplies & Fees
(rates and services are subject to change)
Copies &/or Prints – B&W laser ($.10 each) | Color laser ($.50 each) Pay the Piggy Bank on the Honor System or Debit from your Account.
Fax Usage – no charge to local area. Self-sent.
Computer Usage - no charge during Office Space Reservation time period.
Internet Usage – no charge during Office Space Reservation time period.
Phone Usage & Private Numbers – With the popularity of mobile phones, you are encouraged to use a mobile phone as your office number. If you need to make a local call on the office phones, you may as long as a line is available. If you need a Private Phone Line, you may purchase a Phone Plan. See VisionPulse staff for details.
Office Supplies (pens, folders, etc.) – we do not intend to be a full service office supply store. You may borrow items that are available from others in the office. Consideration for each item used is suggested.
Admin/Virtual Asst. Services – services and rates available on request.
Private Lockers - $15.00 per month (paid quarterly) and we will supply you with a lock. You may store your personal items in the locker and/or use it for receipt of mail.
Mail and Address - we will accept incoming mail for you on a limited basis. If your volume of mail is deemed to be worthy, you will be requested to subscribe to a locker.
    Address Format:
    Your Business Name
    Attn: Your Name or Your Account Name
    5945 Pacific Center Blvd. #510-??
    San Diego, CA 92121
?? will be the extension letter and number you will be assigned.
Bottled Water - 25¢ per bottle. Pay the Piggy Bank on the Honor System or Debit from your Account.
Coffee/Coffee-Maker/Tea - Grounds and tea bags are available during Office Space Reservation time period and you may brew your own if none is already brewed. We have an honor system for payment at a suggested low price to help offset costs.
Snacks/Candies - Available during Office Space Reservation time period. If you need more, please ask. We have an honor system for payment at a suggested low price to help offset costs.
Food in the Refrigerator - these are private items. Label your own food. Please ask if you see something you’d like and maybe someone will feed you. Otherwise, hands off!